“‘X’ Marks the Spot!”….


“‘X’ Marks the Spot!”

….As the saying goes.

In Zen, we could re-frame this phrase to say:

“‘X’ marks THIS spot!”

By this I mean, “X marks the intention to stay right here and right now!”

“‘X’ marks THIS here and THIS now!”

Can you do this?

As the day “grows shorter” and the night “grows longer” along with colder mornings and winter rains, it seems to become harder and harder to be engaged; to stay connected to our practice.

It can seem soooo much easier to just snuggle down into your sheets and blankets in bed just a little longer….and then just a little bit longer….Until it’s “too late” to get up to meditate.

Or, perhaps, for you it’s “the other end”….. When it dark after work so it feels like such an effort to get to a Dharma event …..The evening sitting period at the temple or your sitting group or a class….

So, while we hear a lot that we “should practice with a non-gaining mind” this does not mean that no effort is needed!

Perseverance and consistency to “show up” IS the hall-mark of a seasoned practitioner.

Because “showing up” for practice means “showing up” for your life.

Are you “showing up?”

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