“U” is for Unconditional


“U” is for Unconditional

If you’ve been following us at all, you’ve heard me talk about Metta before. “Metta” is the Pali word which is usually translated as “Lovingkindness.” I much prefer “Unconditional Friendliness” or “Unconditional Goodwill” (though I admit that they don’t roll off the tongue quite as nicely….)

In the case of Metta, I prefer it ’cause “Love” generally has a certain stickiness to it to us in the West. “Love” comes with soooooo many ideas and conditionings…. AND, with that, all the complexities as the layers build around the concept.

Plus, in “unconditional friendliness, ” the UNCONDITIONAL is what’s important….And really what I want to talk about today.

“What would it be like to give (and receive) UNCONDITIONAL friendliness?”

No strings attached. Just simple friendliness or goodwill. Unadulterated. Clear and cleanly given (and receive).

And, more importantly, I think, is this question:

“What would it be like to live life UNCONDITIONALLY?”

“What is it to say “Hi” UNCONDITIONALLY?”

“What is it to eat a meal with simple, UNCONDITIONAL acceptance and gratitude?”

“What is it to BE with someone (or yourself) UNCONDITIONALLY?”

Take a minute and do/say/be again whatever you just did/said/was UNCONDITIONALLY? How does it feel?


I wonder? I unconditionally wonder……

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