There’s no “Y” in Zen


There’s no “Y” in Zen

More specifically, I’m fond of saying,

“There’s no ‘Why?’ in Zen.” 

By that I mean, “Why?” isn’t so important in practice. So often we want to know “Why?”

“Why did this happen to me?”
“Why am I/he/she/they like this/that?

The premise I hold is that “Why?” isn’t so useful to our practice. It tends to come with a sense of wanting to FIX it; that there’s a problem.

“How.” or “What.” is much more useful, is my take.

“How” and “What” tends to bring a sense of curiosity; a desire to explore. “How” and “What” tends to bring a sense of curiosity to what’s happening right here, right now:

“How did this come to be?”
“What is going on?” 

I find “How” and “What” more useful because they engender exploration into what’s happening in the present. My take is “How” and “What” tends to open us to what can be vs. what we habitually think is happening.

That’s my take.  What is it like for you?

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