The Bodhisattva’s 4 Methods of Guidance

“The Bodhisattva’s 4 Methods of Guidance”

“The Bodhisattva’s 4 Methods of Guidance” of

King Speech
Skillful Means

are teachings from Dogen Zenji, the founder of Soto Zen, on how a Bodhisattva practices.

A “bodhisattva” is a Mahayana ideal of a being who could become enlightened through their practice but remains in the world to work for the benefit for the enlightenment of all beings; of us all.

Join us as we explore how we can practice with these factors in our modern and every day lives.

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Pointing to Palm

Talk on September 28


Kind Speech 



For this topic, I summarized general teachings on Wise Speech and then really had people engage with each other thru exercises on Kind Speech. Since we have worked with this topic in the past using Thich Nhat Hanh’s model for conflict resolution, we used the general framework of Nonviolent Communication’s (NVC) “Compassionate Communication” this time. We used Buddhism practices of inquiry along with NVC info. For general Dharma points on Wise Speech: 4 B Methods Speech Guidance Summary . Or go to The 4 Noble Truths for a full talk on this topic.

Beneficial Action / Skillful Means

We had an engaging discussion on disappointment, fire, the Matrix and such after. Catch it at the end of this video:

Identity Action / Cooperation



Photos by Deb Svoboda. Go here for her amazing work!

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