“R” is for Re-Claiming, Re-Visiting, Re-Envisioning


 “R” is for Re-Claiming, Re-Visiting, Re-Envisioning

Mindfulness andMeditation has been getting lots of press in the past year. In fact, I was Googling for info on the January 2014 Times magazine  “Mindful Revolution” issue. What came up more easily was Huffington Posts’ critique on said cover. The Huff Post started out well with its title:

Actually TIME, This Is What The ‘Mindful Revolution’ Really Looks Like

It went on to say that Time’s feature of “a beautiful, white blonde woman meditating on the cover” did not represent the range of meditators. The online article writers then cited what, for them, represented the range:

  • Meditation is helping students, especially in low-income areas.
  • Veterans and soldiers using meditation to cope with PTSD.
  • Mindfulness is transforming end-of-life care.
  • Mindfulness has become part of a revolution in mental health care.
  • Mindfulness is slowly beginning to transform the medical profession.
  • Athletes — from at-risk youth to NBA stars — are improving their game through meditation.

These are ACTUAL categories from the post! Check it out for yourself:


What’s missing? 


Perhaps, perhaps, one could make the case that they are not referring to “Buddhism,” and therefore, Asian American are not represented?

I have my doubts. “American Buddhism” or “Western Buddhism” are terms in the media and popular culture. Usually, the term implicitly negates Asian Americans or categorizes us into a different or separate category.

And, the divestment of “Buddhism” from “meditation” and “mindfulness” can be seen as one way to take the “cultural,” “ethnic-ness,” or “religiousness” out — secularizing — as a process of white supremacy and appropriating of Buddhism by the mainstream.

These and other topics are being studies in the current weekly A2Z class series; as we strive to Re-Claim, Re-Visit and, perhaps even Re-Envision, “meditation” and “mindfulness.” For full details, go to:

How We Brought/Are North American Buddhism — Past & Present Asian American Perspectives

Come to the classes or check out the talks and info after each week’s class by looking under the “Sitting Group” tab above.
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