“Q” is Question & Quest for Truth in Compassion


“Q” is for Question and  Quest for Truth in Compassion

I often say that in Zen, the QUESTION is more important than the answer.  That in Zen, we practice to stay with the question more than having to land on an answer. That the exploration that comes with being able to stay with a question can bring so much richness and unexpected outcomes; perhaps even insight.

That was always what “Q” was going to be about.

And, as I went thru my days the past couple of weeks, trying to get these thoughts about “Q” onto this site, questions arose in me that I had to practice staying with:

How can we hurt and harm each other so much…And so continuously?
How can a group of people sing about a person hanging from a tree??
How can we not see inequality and injustice all around us?
How can people who practice not be able to see it in ourselves?

My exploration also included asking myself how I can say what needs to be said in a way that could be heard?

So, “Q” has become more than holding and working with questions — The exploration took me to the QUEST for how to speak and share what I’ve observed within mainstream, convert Buddhist centers. I offered this talk at San Francisco Zen Center March 14, 2015 out of love and compassion, as encouragement. May it be for the benefit of all beings.

Love & Compassion: How is Selma/Ferguson Here & Now?

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