“Metta for Refugees” Meditation


71st Anniversary of the United Nations 

October 23, 2016

I was honored to be asked to be one of five faith leaders for this event  — and the only woman, at that!

The theme was “People in Motion: Giving Refugees a Sense of Place” so I offered a Metta meditation, using three categories:

  1. Self: Because when each one of us know goodwill and inner & outer safety for ourselves, it’s easier to be able to know what you’re wishing for others. The sense of the truth of it is deeper.
  2. Refugee: A specific individual or a group.
  3. All beings: We are not separate.

Thank you to UN-USA, SF Chapter Director Mary Steiner for the invitation. And, to Deb for her support and this video as it was quite a challenge from the back of the hall!

“May all beings know unconditional friendliness.
Let all beings know inner & outer safety all the days of our lives”

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