“K” is for “no Kidding!”


“K” is for “no Kidding!”

On November 3, at the A2Z Sitting Group the topic will be:

Gone Girl   and the   Fukanzazengi

Yup, you read right. No Kidding. Last Monday, in A2Z Sitting Group, I began to talk about Dogen treatise on zazen.  Dogen’s “koan,” you could say, is if we are enlightened then why do we need to practice?  For many  of us, the same question can be framed as:

“Why practice?”

“How do I gauge my practice?”

“If I don’t become calmer, nicer, better, XXXX-er then what’s the point to practicing?”

It seems that these questions play out most in our ideas of ourselves and in relationship with others. As we got into our studies last Monday, what felt most enlivened was the examples of and our discussions around relationships.

I saw Gone Girl last weekend. It’s been nudging at me.

Preparing to present the Fukanzazengi and in our discussions, more and more it came up about how Buddha Nature is not  separate from ourselves and how we interact in life…..

Interactions….. So yes, I’m going to relate points from the Fukanzazengi to the movie. You heard it here first. No Kidding.

It’s done! Click here to view:  Variety

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