“I” is for “I have Buddha Nature?”


Dharma talk at City Center on August 16

Note: It’s Katagiri Roshi who said, “The function of the mind is to secrete thoughts.” I quote this line from him all the time so not sure how I got it wrong yesterday! Didn’t even know it ’til later.

Here is the Terry Ehret poem at the end of the talk:

sometimes in the open you look up
to see a whorl of clouds, dragging and furling
your whole inventoried history. You look up
from where you’re standing, say,
among the stolid mountains,
and in that moment your life
becomes the margin
of what matters, and solid earth
you love dizzies away from you
like the wet shoreline sucked back
by that other eternity,
the sea. At times the spinning
earth shrugs you off balance,
gravity loosens its fist, hoists you into the sky,
and you might spend your life trying to recover
this nearness to flight.

Thank you,  J. Delfina Piretti, for use of your calligraphy!

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