Guided Meditations for Meditation Training Classes


Guided Meditations for All 4 Classes

These meditations are an effort to respond to how many of you have shared that having this kind of guidance is encouraging to your practice.

They are set up by each week’s class, available for one week, fostering the layering process recommended.

Each Week’s Focus

1. Posture & Counting Breath 
2 Meditations

2. Sensation of Breath & Noting Sensations in the Body
2 Meditations

3. Working with Emotional and Mental Patterns & Walking Meditation
2 Meditations

4. Summary of Methods, Metta Cultivation & Shikantaza
3 Meditations

Remember, guided meditations are a tool. — Use them well and with discretion. With Metta, Rev. Liên

photo by Deb Svoboda:

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