Forms Demystified

Mogukyo in Zendo

Head on Mat w Tatami

Zendo Altar Set-up

Forms Demystified

When asked  “What is Zen?” people often think:

“Oh, my! Lots of rules; forms and rituals such as chanting, bowing and altars!”

Come join us as we explore historical, cultural, practice-intentions and practical (yes, practical) aspects of “forms.” Get to know what all that bowing, chanting and waving of incense (or lately, flower petals) is about!

You WILL have to opportunity to put your body (if not soul) into it so….Come if you dare!
(It’s actually pretty fun once you/non-you get the hang of it!)

4 Mondays: July 13, 20, 27 and August 3
7:30 – 9pm
308 Page Street
Click here for full A2Z Sitting Group info

photos by Deborah Svoboda, Go to this link for her amazing work!

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