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Chinese Buddhism in North America

Two A2Z sangha members, Qarly Canant and Colin Sullivan, summarized for us the chapter Chinese Buddhism in America: Identity and Practice by Stuart Chandler in The Faces of Buddhism in America.

After giving broad immigration and socio-political history of Chinese in the United States, Chandler then makes the case that the typical way in which immigrant generational experiences postulated by Will Herbert, Charles Prebish, nor Jan Nattier can fully describe Chinese Buddhists’ experiences. He offered “an alternative way” by framing

“American,” and

as cultural descriptors as opposed to ethnic ones. Using each of the three identifiers in the progression from less to more, there could be six ways in which a person could identify. We also had a great discussion on possible different cultural views in defining “practice.”

Intrigued? Full explication in the chapter and in the talk, of course!

Before enjoying the talk and discussion, for your own version of the sweet little booklet of key points Colin and Qarly put together, print out the info here:


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