Buddha’s Birthday & Inter-Connectedness

Buddha’s Birthday & Inter-Connectedness!

From our sitting group’s series “finger pointing at the moon,” the main point this week was:

What if we, perhaps like the baby Gautama, when born, think we are individual and separated….Dis-Connected?

Therefore, our practice is the practice of remembering/accessing interdependence, inter-connectedness!

That we are CONNECTED to ALL of LIFE?


You are invited to join this Friday at Animal Place Sanctuary to “de-clump” (a resultant of being in crowded cages is that they “clump” on top of each other, suffocating each other; especially when going to sleep. We will then help to re-train them by separation them at sunset.)  These chickens who have been saved from being “gassed and trashed” after they were deemed no longer useful at laying eggs for humans to consume:

She-Ra Dustbathing

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