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Aware that for me, and many others, it has felt like our world is like the building in this picture: akiltered 

One of the most unbelievable happening in U.S. history for many of us. There’s so much that can’t be put into words….And yet we have to say something.

Why?….. Because we DO need to keep going….

So, I’m reminded by this talk I gave awhile back. I’ve kept the title and context of the talk as is. AND do know that it is about how, thru causes and conditions, things come about.

“Because of this, that appears.”

Interdependent Origination. Dependent Co-Arising.

May this be helpful and useful to you/us as we endeavor to find our way forward. “May we all be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.”

Evil from a Buddhist Perspective: Buddha & Mara
  EBMC People of Color Sangha, January 8, 2015
After a conversation w/ a sangha member and by the Charlie Hebdo shootings this week:

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